Sinon (Thailand)

Was incorporated in Thailand on October 1, 2003 with the objectives to create a distribution network for the products of Sinon in Thailand through appointed dealers. All of the products are produced and packaged in Taiwan by through a complete quality control process. The quality of the products are, therefore, ensured to be according to Sinon standard.

In realizing the importance of using the crop protection product to increase productivity and quality of the agricultural products, the company has set up a technical service team to visit farmers in order to know their problems and to provide problem solutions to farmers and users. The team shall also advise on the use of the products to make them more suitable for important crops to ensure effective results as well as the correct and safe usage of the products through the demonstration and farmer meetings. Sales team has been through training according to the policy of the company’s headquarters. This sales team is always ready to provide sales related services to customers, to acquire, deliver the products and help solve business related problems.

With the slogan “Be Honest and Fair to Grow Together that all staff are required to strictly comply with, Sinon (Thailand) is confident that we can be a part in the agricultural development for better living and better economy of Thai farmers.

Sinon Thailand