Sinon Corporation was founded in Taiwan, in 1955, as a domestic market agrochemical manufacturer. Today, we are a conglomerate of eight business units, including agrochemical manufacturing and distribution (pesticides, fertilizers, and fine chemicals), plastics, orchid nursery, food processing and catering, supermarket retailing, mixed cement and gravel, information system development and integration.

Sinon means agriculture and prosperity. Our core business is in agrochemicals manufacturing and distribution. We maintain global sales in over sixty countries through eight subsidiaries, and currently support 3,300 employees. We believe that sound agricultural strategies can make a positive contribution throughout the world. This belief steers our business relationships with farmers and agribusiness partners worldwide.

Sinon Around the World

The Chemical Group manufactures and distributes agrochemical products around the world, including formulated and technical products, raw materials, and intermediates. We maintain our international headquarters and R&D center in Taiwan, while maximizing our manufacturing efficiency between two plants in Taiwan and China.

Sinon has grown through the decades and witnessed great evolution in agrochemical industries. Amidst the constant change and expansion of manufacturing and distribution, we have maintained emphasis on the superior quality of our products. Sinon adheres to basic industry standards and the acquisition of international certifications (ISO 9001, ISO 17025, OHSAS 18001). We surpass basic standards with our own state-of-the-art Quality Assurance Program that exceeds the minimal standards required by FAO & OECD and utilizing vertically integrated manufacturing. Criterion is maintained with higher than required QC standards, investing in a wide range of inspection equipment, establishing Asia’s first GLP laboratory (outside Japan), and using a twenty-four hour automated DCS (Distribution Control System) manufacturing system. Sinon produces all technicals in-house and formulates all product, and product packaging, at our own plants. From beginning to end, we control for consistent quality.

We are proud to be the first sole distributor of Bayer AG agrochemicals in Taiwan. This achievement is one of many that stem from our dedication to rigorous quality control and a commitment to superior infrastructure. In Taiwan, Sinon maintains direct relationships with farmers through 282 stores nationwide. We foster these valued connections by providing personalized technical field support and product application seminars. Mirroring our efforts in Taiwan, Sinon has experienced rapid growth in China. Presently, 22 stores act as technical training centers for nationwide distribution and development. We believe that delivery of true value must also extend to the farmers and communities who use our products. Our core values guide us to recognize the importance of all levels of agribusiness and to cultivate the success of our clients.